Let There Be Light: My Favorite Sources for Light Fixtures

So here’s a bright idea- let’s discuss lighting. Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out...

But really, I think we have all been a witness to a sad boob light at least once in our lifetime or have seen a room that appears to have so much character and charm in the daytime but for some reason it is nowhere to be found after the sundown. So let’s shed some more light on this issue, shall we? Okay, okay- last one, I promise.

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The key to design and creating a truly elevated space is to infuse your personality into every detail, and sometimes that requires you to look above eye level. If your design preference is more contemporary, tie it together with a modern fixture. Trying to create a soft feminine feel? Find a piece that reflects that as well. Selecting lighting is a crucial part of our design process at West End so I’m going to share with you four of our favorite sources for fixtures:

  • There is something to be said about things that are handcrafted and locally made, although in this scenario when I say local I’m keeping it within the parameters of New York State. Allied Maker is based in Long Island, NY and owned by a couple who act as both the artisan designer and manufacturer. They work with raw materials such as brass, alabaster and wood to create pieces that are sleek, modern and truly one of a kind.

Source:  Allied Maker  / Source:  Allied Maker

Source: Allied Maker / Source: Allied Maker

  • For someone that is looking for a balance of high end and more affordable, Schoolhouse Electric is a great option. Not exclusively focused on lighting, this home goods company collaborates with various artists to create an eclectic collection of quality and one of a kind goods. Although it is based in Portland, Oregon we’re fortunate to have fairly easy access to one of their East coast showrooms in Pittsburgh, PA. Trust me, it’s worth the drive.

  • An important thing to embrace in design is variety in textures. It’s not about everything being matchy-matchy per say, as much as it is about finding pieces that utilize different materials that compliment one another. Serena & Lily happens to do this exceptionally well. Their home goods line features a variety of styles of lighting, however the ones that personally resonate with me are fixtures that utilize natural materials such as woven rattan or even concrete. It’s a unique way to incorporate texture into design outside of the traditional rug or throw pillow.

Source:  Serena & Lily  / Source:  Serena & Lily

Source: Serena & Lily / Source: Serena & Lily

  • Don’t worry traditionalists, I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s common when people here traditional that they associate it with being outdated. On the contrary, I believe a traditional style executed well results in a space that is timeless. The Urban Electric Company does a great job of evoking a sense of tradition with a modern twist in their light fixtures by seeking inspiration from classic architecture, such as Chelsea Bridge in London for this lantern pendant.

Take note next time you’re in a space that you feel is well put together. What kind of light fixtures do they have? What type of material is it made of? Soon you’ll begin to understand more the importance of the phrase, “setting the mood” and why lighting plays such a huge role in that.