Designing A Guest Room Glow Up

With all the work that goes into designing a house to make it feel like a home, the most rewarding part is when you can share it with all the individuals you love most. While the dining and living areas are the ones that get the most attention for entertainment purposes, I want to instead focus on how to create the perfect space for your out of town guests. So from a gal who loves to play host, (I mean obviously I have to encourage visitors so I can have an excuse to whip out my custom branded Jenga set) here are some of my tips on designing a room that is so warm and inviting that your guests will never want to leave.

One of the ways to create interest in a space is by playing with textures, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. All that matters is that the textures and textiles you select all evoke the same message. For example, the use of velvet and the decorative cotton cord macrame in this room creates a warm feel that says “Hey traveler, come rest your weary feet and relax.” Yup, it’s true. As a designer the textiles just speak to me.

As you may recall, lighting really makes an impact in a space in terms of design and the guest room is no exception. Create more depth by layering the lighting - wall sconces, recessed lighting, floor lamps, a reading light. By providing options it allows your guest to be able to control their environment to reach the ultimate level of comfort. This goes for natural lighting as well. If it is a very bright room, be sure to invest in some solid blackout curtains or shades to allow your guests some reprieve from a sunrise wake up call.

Nothing can make your guests feel more pampered than having stellar bed linens. Quite honestly, it’s just science that high-quality sheets equals a restful night of sleep. I mean just look at this sublime layering of linens from Parachute. Sign me up for an afternoon siesta please and thank you!

Source  @arrowsandbow

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to add a little bit of flair or character that is inherently you. The room should be a tangible extension of your own hospitality so whether you’re someone who loves to make sure their guests are always fed with a mini snack bar stocked with their favorite treats, or you’re someone who loves books so you have a shelf filled with classic or hottest new reads. Do something that really rings true to you and your guests are sure to feel the ultimate sense of welcome.

What are some ways that you’ve made your guest room the ultimate oasis? We love to hear how you’ve found a way to personalize your space!