Unwrapping Our Favorite Places to Source Wallpaper

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- you know where the mall parking lots turns into the hunger games, the Hallmark channel releases a movie with the same storyline that’s brand new, and the only forgiving thing about the guy that keeps wearing the same red suit as last season (and the season before that) is that he brings us nicely wrapped gifts. I mean truly, have you ever received a gift that is so nicely wrapped that you’d be just as happy if you decided not to open it? Well, I believe I might have a solution for you.

West End Interiors  Mid Century Meets Cali Project  / West End Interiors  Pittsburgh Project

West End Interiors Mid Century Meets Cali Project / West End Interiors Pittsburgh Project

Instead of decking your halls with tinsel or holly, why not wrap them in some of the most beautiful wallpaper you have ever seen? Hallways, the kitchen, a bathroom, even the ceiling; the limit does not exist to where it can be used people!!! Essentially, West End Interiors is here to make your home the gift that just keeps on giving. So go ahead and tear through that gift that your Aunt Karen probably spent 20 mins meticulously wrapping, because I am sharing four of our favorite places to source wallpaper for our designs.

I’m about to go out on a limb here to shatter an interior design illusion: you don’t have to break the bank to infuse design into a space. *gasp* Chasing Paper is proof of that with their beautiful high-quality, affordable and most notably removable wallpaper. That’s right commitment phobes, feel free to avoid cuffing season all together this year with these stylish designs. Their selection has a modern and youthful feel that can add character to any space.

There is something that can feel cozy and nostalgic about wallpaper which is exactly what the creators of Hygge & West fell in love with and have infused into the brand. All their wallpapers are handmade and screen printed in the U.S. which heck yes, support local artisans! While their beginnings started with traditional wallpaper, they too have a line of removable wallpaper.

If you seek to work with those that are truly an expert of their craft, look no further than north London’s Cole & Son. Since 1875 they have produced designs that have graced the halls of Buckingham Palace and Parliament, but don’t be fooled by their age. They’ve managed to not only excel at creating traditional wallpapers that withstand the test of time but they also keep up better than the Kardashians with advancing trends by supplying vibrant and modern selections.

Oh Scandinavia, how you strum our heartstrings! If minimalism is your middle name (don’t worry, we’re not judging. Okay we are just a tad…) then Scandinavian Wallpaper is sure to resonate with you. Simplicity and luxe are two things they are exceedingly good at. You can get an up close and personal glimpse of their geometric work at Ugly Duck Coffee in our neighboring city of Rochester, NY!

So which styles call to you? Whichever they may be, come 2019 the West End Interiors showroom will be carrying a selection of wallpapers that are sure to appeal to all varieties of tastes!