Reform Fitness City

Reform Fitness… if you haven’t been to get your but kicked… you should go! I’ve gone to a ton of work out classes around the city including yoga, HIIT, dance, but none of them really work yo muscles like Reform. Brittany’s megaformer work outs focus on super slow movement to work all those little muscles that get lost in a quick fluid movement. By the end you are shaking and your core is on fire. Sounds fun right?

reform fitness buffalo

WELL, if you don’t go for the love of the workout, go to see the newly renovated space. It’s QUITE the transformation. I’ve worked with Brittany before on her Orchard Park location, but the transformation was nothing compared to this. I applaud Brittany for being able to see through the grossness to see what the space can become.

Here are some before pictures…

Oh yeah… it was bad.

Oh yeah… it was bad.

even worse. makes me kind of scared to eat in a restaurant ever again haha…

even worse. makes me kind of scared to eat in a restaurant ever again haha…

Our goal with the space was to make it feel connected to the original space in Orchard Park, but give it a little more of an industrial and edgy vibe since it was in the city. We linked the two spaces together by the common use of corrugated steel and the pop color blue.

In order to make the studio seem a little less like a fishbowl (there are floor to ceiling windows on corner walls that face elmwood and hodge) we asked local artist Max Collins to create something for privacy. We started out talking about something solid, but landed on using old windows that could let light through. He did a beautiful job & I think it makes the space.

buffalo reform fitness
shower rooms were added for after classes

shower rooms were added for after classes


Hope you get a chance to check it out!